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06:00pm 04/08/2008
The Digidestined
it truly is amazing my summer has been so frantically full that any and all associations have like flown out the window (If I'm not working I'm sleeping unless there is enforced bonding) Well I've been spending a little time with my squid but only where both our schedules meet I feel like I've completely deserted Kelly and am actively involved in ignoring Sam most of the time it's like pthaaw whet the hell is with my brain. At least Kel it's not on purpose we both have phone issues and now both working. I just spent my week off down at the Cape (part of it) after there's been like mucho demand for my time my da wanted me to go to Maine with him I'm supposed to be visiting Irina in NH I could visit Steph in NY and the list goes onand it's like GAH. So I was visiting Sally on the Cape by myself originally I was going with Gane but Gane decided to go to Maine and by the time everything was figured out and Sal was like oh you could always bring someone else it was the night before I was leaving and taking the bus. I felt guilty asking anyone to come on such short notice especially when it was kind of expensive to take the bus so I went by myself and had my first grown up vacation and was such a plesant guest got an open ended invitation to return anytime (score if I ever had the time) so yeah it was good to just have like a zen long weekend leave my stressed shit at home. My dad brought trailer trash up to Maine and that was drama my mom is..... neurotic and I've got old drama popping up in new ways GAHHH I probably should have called Kel when Richie first IMed me she kinda knew him when we were in high school the way he was before and how complicated things got.... I dunno *flops dramatically* he was a good guy, now he IMs me and I'm not sure I know him I want to believe that somewhere he's the same guy I knew, but I just keep running into walls and most of them ones that I built even if it was years ago

well I suppose that is enough ranting for now

peace love and joy
location: Tortall
mood: quixoticquixotic
music: Impossible Dream - Brian Stokes Mitchell
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