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Planning costumes  
07:57pm 04/06/2008
The Digidestined
So the mass of glee that is my life is sooo all about costuming designs and plans and I have to say I absolutely love it. I ordered my jumpsuit for my Kaylee costume for can't stop the serenity and am almost done with embellishments on my fairy costume. I am also working on costumes I had Ideas for for Nonnie and John (Gane's John) and am super excited. So can I say I love Gane's new boyfriend he is like so good for her and such a sweet considerate guy. She definately traded up in the boyfriend swapping. Corey was cute and funny for the first month and then we went in a general downward direction and ended in my complete loathing of him even before I knew he screwed her over. John was okay at the beginning I wasn't sure I didn't really know him and there was the whole making out with Adam thing that thoroughly confuzzled Gane. He has grown on me so much, he's adorable with Gane and still makes her glow like a light house. He fits in with our family as much as anyone can, and honestly I thought it was so sweet when Gane told me they were talking about marriage. I know mom is worried that they won't be able to make it on their own but I have faith in them and who can dislike a guy who thinks your baby sister is amazing despite her quirks like rawk

So enough rant and ramble for one day

Love Peace and Joy
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(no subject)
03:42am 06/06/2008 (UTC)
ar_feiniel_: nox
I demand photographic evidence upon completion.
picword: nox
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03:02pm 06/06/2008 (UTC)
The Digidestined
absolutely there shall be many pictures and I will post them all *glee*
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