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10:52pm 18/05/2008
The Digidestined
<3 Glee. It's been a pretty fab. weekend all in all. I felt the good weighed out the bad. Friday night was great gifts were massive success. Spent quality time with the oldest sister slight issues with the brother but whatever. There were run ins with scarey ....... people, graduation was boring but jello shots and general meal O cheese *glee* and that was Saterday. Today I started writing a song for me and Kel's new band *squee of much glee* I'm happy with it I dunno how Kel will feel it seems a little political but it's not in a traditional sense. It's protesting the way we're all shut up and put into little boxes and really what we need is freedom to be and do and say what we want and who we are. *shrugs* yeah
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03:14am 19/05/2008 (UTC)
Cricket: Sox Pedroia
Sweetie, political or not, I'm down with whatever you have to say. Writing music is about expressing yourself and there's no way in hell I'd knock your music just because my opinion was different than yours. I have far too much respect for you and your wonderful ideas to do that.

Besides, that doesn't sound like something I wouldn't agree with anyway. :)

*huggles* I'm so happy that you're so gleeful. It makes me smile to see you like this. :)

And I'm using a Sox icon because Pedroia is hotness and we won the game tonight.
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05:48pm 19/05/2008 (UTC)
The Digidestined
I just know I hate it when people force opinions on me and stuff so I want you to hear it before we decide anything if we don't want it as a band song I could do it myself. It truly wasn't meant to be a disparaging remark on your person I was just self concious.... It is a kick ass song though.
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