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3:30 and no end in sight  
03:33am 15/04/2008
The Digidestined
You have got some juicy information to share and you should not be afraid to share it! You will have a fun day full of chatter, laughter and silly conversations. This is a great day to hang out with friends if you can make it happen. There have been quite a few new developments in their lives and you should find out what's new with them. Be sure to update them on all your news, too. You and your innermost circle are capable of creating a new reality for yourselves -- at least while you are together.

Some how I sincerely doubt the validity of my horoscope today (not that I'm a particularly serious believer anyways) It's going to be one of those nights where I see sunrise from the wrong side. GAH. I am going to be so psycho the rest of this week I cannot even imagine how people will be able to tolerate me. My brain feels so fried I just need to relax and Zen out but I'm worried that if I do I'll pass out and my work won't get done and cha due tommorow morning (I think I chronically spell tommorow wrong.....) My body aches, and my brains a little wonky... sigh back to the grind stone I suppose
location: almost 4 am
mood: weariedwearied
music: keys tapping
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