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If you read bleach and are not up to date or watch the anime *spoilers*... and a filler rant  
01:23am 25/09/2009
The Digidestined
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(no subject)  
06:05pm 09/08/2008
The Digidestined
Life so sucks right now it's not funny
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06:00pm 04/08/2008
The Digidestined
it truly is amazing my summer has been so frantically full that any and all associations have like flown out the window (If I'm not working I'm sleeping unless there is enforced bonding) Well I've been spending a little time with my squid but only where both our schedules meet I feel like I've completely deserted Kelly and am actively involved in ignoring Sam most of the time it's like pthaaw whet the hell is with my brain. At least Kel it's not on purpose we both have phone issues and now both working. I just spent my week off down at the Cape (part of it) after there's been like mucho demand for my time my da wanted me to go to Maine with him I'm supposed to be visiting Irina in NH I could visit Steph in NY and the list goes onand it's like GAH. So I was visiting Sally on the Cape by myself originally I was going with Gane but Gane decided to go to Maine and by the time everything was figured out and Sal was like oh you could always bring someone else it was the night before I was leaving and taking the bus. I felt guilty asking anyone to come on such short notice especially when it was kind of expensive to take the bus so I went by myself and had my first grown up vacation and was such a plesant guest got an open ended invitation to return anytime (score if I ever had the time) so yeah it was good to just have like a zen long weekend leave my stressed shit at home. My dad brought trailer trash up to Maine and that was drama my mom is..... neurotic and I've got old drama popping up in new ways GAHHH I probably should have called Kel when Richie first IMed me she kinda knew him when we were in high school the way he was before and how complicated things got.... I dunno *flops dramatically* he was a good guy, now he IMs me and I'm not sure I know him I want to believe that somewhere he's the same guy I knew, but I just keep running into walls and most of them ones that I built even if it was years ago

well I suppose that is enough ranting for now

peace love and joy
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12:19am 09/06/2008
The Digidestined
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Planning costumes  
07:57pm 04/06/2008
The Digidestined
So the mass of glee that is my life is sooo all about costuming designs and plans and I have to say I absolutely love it. I ordered my jumpsuit for my Kaylee costume for can't stop the serenity and am almost done with embellishments on my fairy costume. I am also working on costumes I had Ideas for for Nonnie and John (Gane's John) and am super excited. So can I say I love Gane's new boyfriend he is like so good for her and such a sweet considerate guy. She definately traded up in the boyfriend swapping. Corey was cute and funny for the first month and then we went in a general downward direction and ended in my complete loathing of him even before I knew he screwed her over. John was okay at the beginning I wasn't sure I didn't really know him and there was the whole making out with Adam thing that thoroughly confuzzled Gane. He has grown on me so much, he's adorable with Gane and still makes her glow like a light house. He fits in with our family as much as anyone can, and honestly I thought it was so sweet when Gane told me they were talking about marriage. I know mom is worried that they won't be able to make it on their own but I have faith in them and who can dislike a guy who thinks your baby sister is amazing despite her quirks like rawk

So enough rant and ramble for one day

Love Peace and Joy
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(no subject)  
10:52pm 18/05/2008
The Digidestined
<3 Glee. It's been a pretty fab. weekend all in all. I felt the good weighed out the bad. Friday night was great gifts were massive success. Spent quality time with the oldest sister slight issues with the brother but whatever. There were run ins with scarey ....... people, graduation was boring but jello shots and general meal O cheese *glee* and that was Saterday. Today I started writing a song for me and Kel's new band *squee of much glee* I'm happy with it I dunno how Kel will feel it seems a little political but it's not in a traditional sense. It's protesting the way we're all shut up and put into little boxes and really what we need is freedom to be and do and say what we want and who we are. *shrugs* yeah
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I'm going to the Special Hell  
09:09pm 11/05/2008
The Digidestined
OK so I've been writing in my journal journal because I SOOOO am paranoid. Also need to call Kel as soon as I get off the computer. I thought I'd post a poem I'm working on, feedback is always good it's a work in progress and I'm not happy with it but I can't figure out why.

I often joked
I often teased
that this gypsie heart
here in me
can be won or lost
with but a kiss
in this time in this hour
it would seem
that you have proven this to be
My heart is yours
here please take it
I ask nothing of you
for with that kiss
you helped me remake it

on an exciting side note google will give you directions to special hell if you scroll over it
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So... ninja squids  
11:14am 28/04/2008
The Digidestined
So yeah Friday night got more than a little awkward after everyone went home. We're not elaborating anywhere it can be seen by "public" if you know me and want to know ask me and we'll figure out a less public place to discuss but yeah snuggly squids and going a little to far and Alex is like Que?

Sam and Gane say they'll protect me Friday, from squids and from self, but they may need protecting themselves because squids are ninja and it's like awww poke poke whoa wait what just happened.

Yeah sorry that was confusing but I needed to get that out.

*le sigh*
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(no subject)  
03:54am 15/04/2008
The Digidestined
PS I AM CRAZY SORRY FOR CRAZY COMMENTS.... someone needs to lock me up. :(
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3:30 and no end in sight  
03:33am 15/04/2008
The Digidestined
You have got some juicy information to share and you should not be afraid to share it! You will have a fun day full of chatter, laughter and silly conversations. This is a great day to hang out with friends if you can make it happen. There have been quite a few new developments in their lives and you should find out what's new with them. Be sure to update them on all your news, too. You and your innermost circle are capable of creating a new reality for yourselves -- at least while you are together.

Some how I sincerely doubt the validity of my horoscope today (not that I'm a particularly serious believer anyways) It's going to be one of those nights where I see sunrise from the wrong side. GAH. I am going to be so psycho the rest of this week I cannot even imagine how people will be able to tolerate me. My brain feels so fried I just need to relax and Zen out but I'm worried that if I do I'll pass out and my work won't get done and cha due tommorow morning (I think I chronically spell tommorow wrong.....) My body aches, and my brains a little wonky... sigh back to the grind stone I suppose
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